Holiday Decorating in Limited Space – The Vinyl Countdown till Christmas

Let’s face it – We can’t all have the typical holiday home filled with a seven foot Douglas Fir, fresh poinsettias, and a Christmas turkey in the oven. In my studio apartment we have a grand total of 325 square feet, two people, a dog, and a micro-sized oven. Space in our home is purchased at a premium. And don’t even get me started about the lack of snow in Portland, Oregon… But this year, my wife and I decided that we weren’t going to let the limitations of our living space deter our seasonal spirit. However, we had to do it in a different way.

This brought us to a crossroads though. How could we best use our space in the apartment? Should we purchase a miniature tree that would inevitably leave pine needles that we would still be finding in July? Could we buy a small fake tree that we still would have to find room to store the other eleven months of the year? Should we forego the idea of a tree at all? Blasphemy. That was when we decided to try an alternative route – vinyl.

While vinyl products were not the traditional Christmas decorations my wife and I grew up adoring, the pros far outweighed the other options we had. Vinyl could be easily installed for the Christmas season and took up no space at all. It was a relatively cheap option that we could justify the short seasonal cost for. And most of all, it was a really neat alternative to anything else that we had come across. The designs we found were perfect for our home and looked like they would add the Christmas touch we were seeking.

We took the plunge.

We decided on three pieces – a Christmas tree, snowflakes, and a design that said “Believe in the magic of Christmas”. While we wanted to make our whole home seasonal, we had designated a corner of our house as the “present district”. This affluent neighborhood is adjacent to the couch district and bed district, two bedroom communities to the larger metro area of the kitchen. This was where we would be placing the tree and the “Believe in the magic of Christmas” piece. My initial plan was to use the snowflakes on the window facing the street, but my wife (being the stone cold fox and creative genius she is) came up with the idea of using an old chalk board we had sitting in the home.

The installation was truly no-hassle. It took a grand total of about 20 minutes. The first step was to remove the backing paper. I pulled slowly and used approximately a 90 degree angle to take the backing off.

We then picked our spot, and used a level to ensure we had a proper alignment. I took great care to make sure the vinyl did not crinkle or make contact with the wall before being pulled taut. Using a credit card, I flattened the designs against the wall, and ensured the adhesive on the back of the vinyl had been secured.

Then, the final step was to remove the application tape off the top of the vinyl. This was essentially the same as taking the backing off the vinyl.

The great part about purchasing vinyl was the large assortment of color options. We were able to sift through hundreds of designs, choose the exact color that fit our home, and find the right size option. The end result added a nice charm to our home. We were able to have our cake and eat it to, sort of. While nothing will replace a rolling fireplace next to a freshly cut tree, this was the perfect alternative in our small space.

This article was contributed by Drew Barbier. You can purchase the products from this article at Divine Walls.